New publication: Integrated water resources management in Central America: the over-riding challenge of managing transboundary waters

December CERMES Connections newsletter and greetings

Call for applications: CaMPAM announces the next Training of trainers course on MPA management

CaMPAM annoucces the next Training of trainers course on MPA management and calls for applications

New MedPAN online forum

GLISPA Leaders in Island Resilience: new Caribbean representatives

Venezuela establece Corredores Ecológicos en la costa e incrementa a 17,6% el area nacional bajo proteccion

Fwd: ENB Vol. 9 No. 695 - Convention on Biological Diversity: SBSTTA 21 & Article 8(j) WG 10 - Issue #4

Blue Planet 2: viewers shocked by final episode plastic waste environmental impact - Radio Times

Drones are changing the way conservation is conducted.  


Fwd: Protecting the Planet newsletter - November 2017

Fwd: WWF Manual on climate adaptation methods for protected areas

Fwd: OpenChannels Literature Update | How coral reef conservation and marine protected areas impact human well-being

Get your research off the shelf and into policy: Writing reports and briefs that influence decision making | Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM)

COP23: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Bonn | Carbon Brief

Fwd: [EBM Tools] MEAM Dec17-Jan18- How genetics can improve marine conservation and management, how to get your reports read, and more

Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change - The Washington Post

Report of the Executive Director | UN Environment Assembly

Sudden investments and effective EBM

Mission Blue 2017 activities

Fwd: CEPF Call for Proposals - Lessons Learned in relation to the Caribbean Islands Regional Implementation Team (RIT)

Fwd: [GCFINET] 2018 GoMOSES Conference workshop

Caribbean Coral Reef Watch Bulletin for December 2017!

Fwd: Valuing ecosystem services to support marine protection in The Bahamas

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series, Dec.11-15, 2017: decision support systems, NOAA data value, IEA to inform EBM, multi global nav sat system, new DSS for G of Mexico, what ending overfishing means, natural shoreline infrastructure to increase coastal resilience.

Climate Adaptation Methodology for Protected Areas (CAMPA) in coastal and marine environments

Status of World Heritage IUCN

3rd Session of the UN Environment Assembly - Summary & Analysis

Fwd: Ocean Update from Blue Ocean Network - Dec. 8, 2017

Taking stock of some 2017 hurricane season impressions ... and some others too!

EBM Tools Webinar: Post Hurricane Irma Rapid Reef Assessment in South Florida and the Florida Keys NMS, January 11 at 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC

FW: IUCN IUCN WCPA North America Newsletter December 2017

UN experts select MPAs as one of 6 key global issues

U.N. environment chief warns "we're facing an ocean Armageddon"

El mundo se reúne en la Asamblea de la ONU para el Medio Ambiente para abordar la amenaza mundial de la contaminación

Happy #ReefDay #DíaNacionalDelArrecife

Realizan jornada sobre pesca sostenible en la República Dominicana.

FW: [Onenoaascienceseminars] OneNOAA Science Seminar Series, Dec. 4 -8, 2017

FW: [Onenoaascienceseminars] OneNOAA Science Seminar Series, Dec. 4 -8, 2017

FW: [Onenoaascienceseminars] OneNOAA Science Seminar Series, Dec. 4 -8, 2017

Sint Maarten Nature Foundation Gives Update to King and Queen of Netherlands on Environmental Impacts and Restoration Activities Post Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Press Release: Royal visit to Saba, St Eustatius, St Maarten